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Whether you are seeking to rent storage space, a service area, a workshop or distribution point, we can provide it in Újpest and Rákospalota together with flexible rental terms and services to suit your needs. Because of the area’s location and the adjustable service packages, northern Budapest can offer the ideal premises or headquarters for nearly all business endeavours. After our clients give us an outline of their demands, vision and development plans (important from a facility management standpoint), we strive to find the ideal solution for them.

What rental storage space and workshops do we offer our clients?

What is worthwhile to know about our rental storage space?

In addition to our company’s competitive prices, our affordable and high-quality services make our offers even more attractive. We ensure our renters forklift loading services, freight lift and crane, opportunities for free parking, 24-hour porter service, rentable advertising surfaces and a telephone network (analogue and IDSN). We guarantee the constant comfort of our clients and guests with a well-equipped boardroom and comfortably furnished guest rooms, as well as a restaurant inside the building that contributes to smooth-flowing workdays. As managers, we adjust flexibly to the needs of our renters, always keeping in mind that long-term cooperation is the most profitable policy.

For more information, contact our staff, or ask about our offers!

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