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At 5 locations in the 4th and 15th districts, we rent out offices, workshops, storage spaces, service areas and work sites for a variety of business activities.

Our flagship is P+P Kereskedőház (P+P Trading House) in Újpest, which offers the best quality and a wide range of services for our clients in the area of rented storage space, offices and work areas. Our other site in the 4th district is ideal, in terms of its dimensions and location, for small businesses and enterprises – perfect for small-scale work, workshops, and storage or service space. Our location in the 15th district has excellent accessibility and high interior ceilings, but also contains halls and warehouses that can be separated into smaller units, as well as an office building – so it can provide, the ideal location for all varieties of small and medium-sized companies. Besides work areas, storage space and offices for rent, we also provide a complete operational service package, so the lion’s share of facility management tasks are lifted from our clients’ shoulders.

Look at our offers for a showroom and office to rent, as well as our storage and service space to rent, or contact our staff for more information  

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